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Consulting - Crisis Management Audit

Natural and man-made disasters are capable of crippling your business operations and even destroying it. When disasters such as a widespread flooding or a terrorist attack strike, will your company be able to survive the adversity?

In providing the Crisis Management Audit, Certis' security consultants examine how well prepared your business is in managing the contingencies that could arise from a disaster.

Using M3 methodology, where we bring together the most effective combination of personnel (MAN), technology (MACHINE) and work processes (METHOD) to meet our customers’ security needs, our consultants will advise you on:
  • Probability and the type of disasters that could strike your business
  • The impact each type of disaster has on your business
  • Protection of critical business functions
  • Manpower requirements, organisation and reporting channels to manage the initial uproar of events
  • Crucial equipment needed to ensure business continuity and communications
  • Appropriate contingency plans for managing internal and external stakeholders
  • Staff training to foster integrated efforts during a crisis
Through a Crisis Management Audit, the current readiness level of your company in meeting a crisis will be measured. Gaps will also be identified and narrowed to ensure that your business operations survive the initial strike of a disaster and rapidly recover from its effects.

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