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Manpower - Guarding

Manned / Physical Guarding

GSS Certis International's core business has always been manned guarding since its inception in 1999.

Well-trained, reliable, trustworthy and highly-disciplined guards provide services to clientele ranging from domestic premises, private, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

  Security Concierge / Receptionist

GSS Certis International offers Security Concierge / Receptionists to Commercial Office Towers / Building, Individual Offices and Hotels & Services Apartment.

We have the necessary experience and expertise to select and train the most suitable security concierges / receptionists that meets the customers’ particular needs.

  Car Parking Traffic Management and Security

GSS Certis International has the capability and expertise to manage and provide total security services for your car parks. We also provide additional services like cashier services.

Our services include:
  • Management of Car Parks
  • Traffic Circulation Control
  • Security Patrolling
  • CCTV Surveillance Operations
  • Cashiers Services for parking fees
  • Operators Level Maintenance
Taxi and Passenger Queue Services

The Taxi Coordinator will manage the taxi flow and movement at the designated area so as not to cause congestion and inconvenience to other road users. 

They will advise members of public with enquiries pertaining to taxi charges and routes to their designations. They will also assist the members of public to board the taxi safely and effectively.

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