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Security protection that makes the difference

GSS Certis International was to serve the security needs of customers in Qatar.

As a member of the Certis Security Group in Singapore, we are built on a solid foundation of tested and proven experience in the security guarding business.

Our security professionals are able to provide customers with integrated security solutions, relieving them of managing all their security issues.

Your peace of mind is a given when you entrust your security needs to GSS Certis International.

Vigilantly performing their duties, our security officers' presence deters crime and keep lives and assets safe

Certis' Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) security consultants provide best-fit & cost-effective solutions. The Certis CISCO Academy is the leading security training provider in Singapore, conducting a comprehensive range of security education and training courses

We help our customers design and implement security systems to manage and meet the dynamic security requirements and needs




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