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Consulting - Project Management Service

In Project Management, Certis delivers to you a customised turnkey solution that meets your specifications and provides the assurance that your security plans are professionally implemented.

With our CPP certified Security Consultants undertaking this tedious task of project management you can focus on your key activities with ease and be assured that the security plan of your facilities is professionally implemented.

Project Management for your Organisation
Besides recommending the security measures to be enhanced in a security audit, our security consultants can also be engaged to implement the improvements. For large-scale projects where Certis serves as a security consultant in planning and designing the security blueprint, Certis' consultants can also be appointed to act as project managers.

Scope of works in Project Management includes:
  • Engineering Plans and Drawings
  • Security System Technical Specifications
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Project Scheduling and Implementation
  • Site Supervision
Contact us for to enquire about Certis' Project Management service for your organisation.
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