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Consulting - Security Management Service

Certis' Security Management Service relieves you from the tedium of having to manage your organisation’s daily security functions. With our highly trained and experienced security managers and consultants, we can provide complete management of your security operations. Our security managers and consultants are readily supported by Certis' unmatched security expertise and resources to achieve operational efficiency and meet your requirements in all aspects of security-related issues.

From training to supervision of men, to monitoring and maintenance of systems, our security managers and consultants deployed at your premises are also equipped with the following capabilities:
  • Conduct Security Site Assessments
  • Generate Monthly Security Reports
  • Develop Security Policies and Procedures
  • Provide Security Budgeting
  • Conduct Investigation and Incident Management
  • Advise and Handle all Security Related Matters
  • Provide Fire & Safety and Facility Management
With more than 50 years of experience in protecting lives and assets, Certis leverages on our leading advantage to enhance your organisation’s performance with comprehensive and cost effective solutions.

Contact us to find out to acquire Certis' Security Management services for your organisation.
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