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Consulting - Security Master Planning

With the threat of crime, sabotage, terrorism and other acts of violence present against buildings and assets within, how can you enhance your development’s security? How can your assets (tenants, information and property) be protected from the effects of such malevolent acts?

Incorporating security considerations early during the master planning stages of designing a development is an important action in unlocking the maximum value for the investors. The optimal and synergised deployment of man, technology and processes in your security solution will enhance the design configuration of your development.

Protecting your development through the integration of comprehensive security solutions and architecture
Certis CISCO offers the expertise to identify and analyse threats to your development before it is built and make recommendations to mitigate them, thereby minimising complicated and costly adjustments in the future. Our consultants will assist to incorporate security features into the urban planning and business function so as to help project the desired image and enhance the value of your development.

We apply design techniques such as Crime Prevention Environmental Design (CPTED), augmented by tried and tested methods of organised and mechanical security systems. We will help you protect your investment by fine-tuning areas such as transport networks, architecture layouts, building forms and choice locations to site your key infrastructure and assets.

With Certis CISCO’s expertise in Security Master Planning, you can be assured that your overall building functionality and aesthetics will be enhanced without compromise on its security.

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