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Consulting - Security Planning & Design

Security Planning and Design is the formulation of organisational, procedural and physical security measures for the protection of your organisation and premises against various threats and risks. Whether you are planning for a new construction or conducting a security upgrade of existing facilities, it is critical to have a carefully thought-through security blueprint that is practical and supports your business objectives.

Security Planning & Design for your Facilities
Certis' security consultants will work closely with you to conduct a Threat-Vulnerability analysis where they will determine your facility’s risk exposure. With that, we will formulate risk management for the treatment of specific risks. Augmenting measures that may be introduced include:
  • Security procedures
  • Manpower security
  • Physical barriers
  • Electronic security systems

We will work in conjunction with the appointed architects, interior design and other specialist consultants to ensure close co-ordination with the design team to deliver the following:
  • Security Concept Plan
  • Security Operational Plan
  • Security Technical Plan

Contact us to find out more about our Security Planning & Design services for your organisation.

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